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Saturday, February 13, 2016


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This is Dawson City – Capital of the Klondike, Yukon, Canada! There’s lots of useful information to explore here with an aim to inform and entertain with an emphasis on publishing the online version of the Klondike Sun Newspaper, the most definitive voice of life in the Klondike. Please sign up for email notifications when new issues are published. For those of you not be familiar with our area, this is where the famous Klondike Gold Rush took place in 1896, attracting tens of thousands of stampeders who arrived here with the hope of striking it rich. This is also …continue reading

Klondike Sun ~ June 15, 2011


On June 4th seventeen of our children graduated from Robert Service School and began their journey into adulthood. Graduation in Dawson is when the community becomes a family. The graduates marched proudly onto the stage, at the Palace Grand Theatre, to the strains of AC/ DC’s” Back in Black”, followed by an astounding rendition of “Oh Canada” sung by Tracy Nordick, whose voice sent shivers through the audience. Brian Pate and his


Klondike Sun ~ June 1, 2011


Organizers of the 25th Annual Dawson City Gold Show could hardly have been more pleased with this year’s event. Arctic Inland Resources owner Bill Bowie, who first pitched this concept back in 1986, was fairly beaming as he surveyedthe 70 plus display booths that lined the Art and Margaret Fry Arena and the parking lot across Fourth Avenue on Friday and Saturday.


Klondike Sun, May 18, 2011


Dawson’s Chamber of Commerce and town council are up in arms over recently announced decisions to shorten both the season and the hours at the border station on Top of the World/Taylor Highway route. It had been announced that the border station would open on May15. Word has arrived here that this has been moved to May 22, a delay of seven days.


Klondike Sun, May 4, 2011


Daniel Janke’s “Finding Milton”, a tribute to the work of peoples’ poet, Milton Acorn, captured the Made In the Yukon (MITY) award in the professional category at the 2011 Dawson City International Short Film Festival. The award (a handcrafted statue which changes a bit from year to year) comes with $1000 cash, a $1000 equipment rental from the Northern Film and Video Industry Association (NFVIA) and a guaranteed screening at the 2012 Tromso International Film Festival in Norway.


Klondike Sun ~ April 20, 2011


With spring in the air in Dawson City, excavation and foundation work has begun on the new 24,000 square foot (2600 square metres) replacement for the aging Dawson City Health Care Centre. Designed by Stantec/ Kobayashi Zedda Architects, the building will be constructed by Dowland Contracting Ltd. at a cost of $22.2 million, according to the Yukon Hospital Corporation.


Klondike Sun ~ April 06, 2011


It’s not often that Dawsonites hope for a cloudy day in late March, but with temperatures hovering around -10° C, organizers of the Percy DeWolfe Memorial
Mail Race were rather hoping that the sun wouldn’t peek through the overcast. If the sun had been shining at 10 a.m. Thursday morning, it might have been too warm for the 14 dog teams about to head out on the 210 mile (340 km) round trip to Eagle.


Klondike Sun ~ March 23, 2011


Shawn Ryan says he’s already been approached about a book on the leading role he and his wife have played in sparking the Yukon’s modern day gold rush.
And a New York Times reporter who recently spent a few days with Ryan and Cathy Wood told the couple movie producers usually turn up not long after a book.


Klondike Sun ~ March 9, 2011


The rate that Dawsonites pay for
utilities is either rising or falling,
depending on how you look at it.
For some years now the annual
fee for water, sewer and waste
management has been pegged at
$1700, that being the total if you
were not a resident and didn’t pay
your bill on time each quarter. The
total bill included a $100 waste
management fee.
If you paid your bills early or on
time, the total amount dropped to
$1,125.00, the remaining $575.00
being described as a subsidy. In
addition, the bill would drop by
another $425.00 if you were a


Klondike Sun ~ February 23, 2011


Governor General David Johnson,
his wife Sharon, and his entourage,
including Yukon’s Commissioner
Doug Phillips, arrived
in Dawson on Thursday. They
were greeted by members of the
town and First Nation councils
in an informal gathering at the
Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre.